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"Preambolo" di "Democratici Solidali Liberali" in italiano 
"Preface" of "Democratici Solidali Liberali" in english

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Francesco Paola
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luned́ 06 dicembre 2004

This preface for the Democratici Solidali Liberali (DSL) is a point of departure, a declaration: The format of politics in Italy is inadequate for the complexity of modern society.

What is needed to remedy this? This document is a filtering of replies gathered, which coincide in large part also with our own. There is a need for a political system which

- ensures serious selection of those responsible for running it,

- promotes participative democracy and is a direct expression of that,

- has a keen consciousness of our presence in a wide context of international relations,

- maintains a strong and vigilant respect for certain fundamental constitutional values,

- also is alert to the values and principles which need to be further reinforced.

These are principles which must be assured constitutional protection for the strategic importance which they represent in modern society. We are thinking of the topics of:

- human rights - before all else,

- the conflict of interests in politics and the economy,

- freedom of information,

- laws relating to industrial and intellectual property,

- and the dangers which stem from violent religious and sectarian fundamentalism.

The DSL group is committed to the debate on the separation of powers, and in the most immediate and practical sense to ensure the recognition of neutrality and independence for any authority which must exercise powers of intervention or decision.

A modern political system, and especially Italy, needs to give priority to intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and must make the lay and neutral character of the State its essential keystone. It needs also to promote laws against monopolies and encourage a flexible and tolerant society. This is necessary, since monopolies or businesses in a dominant position threaten an end to politics and democracy when they engage in public life.

The DSL group considers the word ?pluralism? as an essential hallmark and new frontier for democracy. Pluralism becomes a synonym of freedom of information; its expression means

- that small and medium enterprises can have the space to work and grow,

- that there are opportunities for the young to enter the professions,

- that there is fair and open access to public life,

- that proper and fair competition is ensured,

- and that there are guarantees for work.

We all know of the danger of social fragmentation, which comes from the lowering and avoidance of guarantees and rights. Pluralism means liberty and wider space for action.

Where the language and forms of politics are inadequate for the needs of society, a spiral of decline is assured. Democracy and economic progress go hand in hand. A response to this is a political force which makes a deliberate and purposeful connection with the democratic, united, liberal, European and international cultures. It is because the forms and language of the Italian political system are inadequate to meet the challenges of complex Italian and European society in the context of globalisation that the DSL group is striving for a society which makes awareness, understanding and reason its hallmark.

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